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Are your products Herbalife?  No, none of our products are Herbalife or from Herbalife Inc.

Do you use products purchased from Wal-Mart or other grocery stores? No, the products used in our dry mixes come from reputable nutrition vendors which we have accounts set up with

Do your products contain Aspartame? No, none of the products we use contain aspartame

What sweetener is used in your products? All our teas are a mix of stevia and sucralose. We do not have teas that are all sucralose or all stevia at this time. 

I am interested in purchasing wholesale, are you taking new applications? We are a small family owned business that is growing at a slower rate but we are growing! If you are interested in purchasing at wholesale then please email to get on our list.

What is your return policy? We do not accept returns however if you are unhappy with your order please email us at so we can make it right!  

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